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About Stonewall Figures  
No Man's Land : Beautiful Terrain for the Wargamer
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  Beautiful Terrain for the Wargamer 
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Price/Order Product Description
Bamboo Jungle Stands

Each Hand made bamboo stand are unique with either lilles, small palms, ferns and pineapple plants
Beech and Oak trees large

These are the biggest! Up to 200mm high
Beech and Oak trees medium

Our hand made trees come in a three sizes from 75mm to 200mm, each is unique and different from the last, as all trees are!
Beech and Oak trees small

Desert Oasis

Approx. 30cm x 25cm Desert oasis with palm trees, reeds and scrub, and everyone different
Desert Palms stands

Three palm trees 10cm -16cm high
Elm tree

Hand made steel wire trees ideal for 20 and 28mm
Jungle Pond

These are all different, but there are two main themes,there is the Palm tree version and bamboo thicket version. This is a mixure of both, each have a huge range of other plants to give that varied and diversify look
palm tree jungle Stand with lillies

Each of our Jungle stands are hand made and are unique giving the Gamer the oppotunity to build and endless variety of War game tables
Palm tree Jungle Stands

Each of our stands are indivially hand made are quite unique from each other. The picture is only a guide as everyone is different. These have been designed so that you can build a complete Wargame table that is different every time you play!
Pineapple stands

Cycas and Chisen Palms, ideal for desert or arid conditions. All these hand made set are unique and will fit into any 20-28 mm wargame
Scrub Stands


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