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We hope you like the new look to our new web site. Although it is still early days, we do apologies for the lack of pictures so far.  We are currently trying very hard to place as many of the thousands of products we have on here as quickly as we can, and will include the many pictures we have stored as soon as time is available.

We have  lots of new products and ranges being added to the new site, so please keep looking more products are being added weekly.

Capitan Games ex WarModelling part of the company is now legally owned by Stonewall Figures.  All the Master moulds along with the original production moulds are here. These “old” moulds are being replaced from the master castings.

We are pleased to announce that we have been working on two new ranges which will be added in the new year.

Capitan 28 mm American Civil War and Spanish Napoleonics will be added to the Stonewall website shortly.


New Releases


Carlist Wars

RR25 British Auxilliary Lancers


Carlist Wars

RR 19  British Command, Tunic and shako

RR 21A  Line Cavalry Command


WU 60 Wurttemberg Mounted  Colonel’s

WNA 2 Duchy of Warsaw Horse Artillery Crew

Thank you, for spending some time on our new web site!

 2020 SHOWS

Carronade Falkirk 9th May

More shows and dates to follow